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Ecobuild Foods

We are a Singapore based integrated “Farm-to-Shelf” food supply chain company that focuses on Freshness, Quality and Sustainable Technology Innovations.
Leveraged on our Unique Technology Partnership in biologics based agriculture solutions, we worked extensively with contract farmers and farmer cooperatives across Malaysia, Indonesia and China to bring the Best Quality, Nutritious and Sustainable Fruits and Vegetables to our customers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


Growth Road Map


To be Asia’s leading
AGRI-Food Tech and
“Farm-To-Shelf” food supply chain company.


We strive to value add to the development of the Asia agriculture industries by harnessing the strength of our available resources.
By using the right mix of technologies, along with the expertise of scientists, professionals and farmers who work with us, we drive values for our customers with an ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) focused business approach.
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Ecobuild Foods

Biologics Based AGRI-Food Tech
New Generation
Biologics Agri Solutions
Farming Solutions
Super Fertiliser Process
(Postbiotic & Probiotic Elements)
Low Carbon Foot Print
Probiotic Food
Dry Food
Cooking Ingredients
Convert Waste to Fertiliser
or Animal Feed
Waste Circular Management System


Processing Plant & Distribution Centre

We own a processing farm in Johor, Malaysia & a distribution centre and logistic fleet in Singapore.
Our processing plant in Johor, Malaysia both  served as a collection point, sorting, processing & packing point for all our raw materials, as well as a warehouse distribution centre, ready to distribute to other regions.
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Ecobuild Foods

Ecobuild Foods
Creates and Invest
A Sustainable Eco-Food System


Projected Technology Milestones

Seedling Stage
  • Set up digital, IOT farming system & farm data collection
  • Scale up existing farms in Malaysia 
  • Creating diversity by collaborating with local fruits & vege farmers
Planting Stage
  • Data analytics, AI & blockchain enable farming and supply chain system
  • Biologics based waste management-plant based super fertiliser, feeds & foods
Harvesting Stage
  • Super seedings bank project, implementing C/N ratio as new currency in soil health
  • Low carbon foot-print farming solutions
  • Carbon credit trading
  • Clinical studies
  • ESG measurement standards
  • Technology export & international joint ventures pilot project showcase and scale up revenues
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Building A Better World

With Our Biologics Farming Technologies,
We Will Expand On A NEW Generation Of Food Supply And Farming Projects In Singapore & Overseas.

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Ecobuild Foods Pte Ltd

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Telephone : +65 6251 2008

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