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The world’s population is growing and yet, resources are shrinking. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted food supply chains across the globe, is a firm reminder that we cannot take food security for granted.

Agriculture technology, or Agri-tech for short, has become more important in agriculture than ever before. It is a growth area that involves the use of modern technologies to increase production yield, improve food quality and promote sustainability in the agri-food value chain.


With technology and R&D, agriculture companies can sow the seeds of self-sufficiency for our future. There is now more urgency to overcome global resource constraints, mitigate the effects of climate change, as well as meet the demands of an increasing population and changing consumer preferences. Significantly, Agri-tech will contribute towards strengthening Singapore’s food resilience and supporting our “30 by 30” goal – which is to produce 30% of our nation’s nutritional needs locally by 2030.

That is why Ecobuild Foods have slowly and steadily transform the current traditional farm business to AGRI-Food tech farming in order to curb this matter. With this technology, not only it improves the quality of the food but also improve the livelihood of the local farmers and creates a sustainable ecosystem.

What is AGRI-Food Tech

AGRI-Food Tech or commonly known as agriculture technology (Agritech), is about improving traditional farming with the usage of technology innovations and in long run create sustainability farming.

This includes using latest technology to achieve better quality seedings that grow well in different environment, reduce the traditional planting process, generate better harvest yield and eventually improves the crops farming rotation. With the usage of the AI technology, farming data can be generated for study purposes in order to solve the challenges that the agricultural industry faces.

Agriculture Challenges

With the easy access to purchase food or groceries from the nearest supermarket or restaurant has made most of us ignorant about the hardship and challenges faces by the farmers & the agriculture industry. These includes;

Land Management

Constantly using synthetic fertiliser, pesticides and insecticides drastically reduces the soil fertility.

Thus degrading the soil quality and also seeps into and pollutes the water

sources nearby.

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Climate Change

Intensive deforestation and aggressive land reclamation increases the production of greenhouse gases which will cause climate & temperature change. Thus in long run a change in temperature will affects the growth and harvesting of plants & crops worldwide.

Limited Natural Resources

Huge resources are needed to build an agriculture farm, which includes usage of machinery, fuel and raw materials. By adding all up and this will bring more harm to the environment.

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Carbon Foot Print Increased

Traditional Faming produced lots of waste and by products. This traditional method uses lots of natural resources over time, over-usage of synthetic materials for the sake of profits that in turn destroys the land and release dangerous gas to the ozone. In short, it is a "slow death" for mother earth.

Population Increased

With the growing population and increasing consumer demand for better healthy quality food, the current agriculture industry may not be able to cope. Which may lead to food scarcity.

Demand For Healthy Food

Consumers are putting their health and wellness as important. With an ever increasing demand for healthier food products, this puts heavy pressure on the agriculture industry to "satisfy and meet" the needs. But with the current situation, it will take a huge toll for farmers to change.

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Ecobuild Foods New Generation AGRI-Food Tech

Our Ecobuild Foods Ecosystem Farming solutions is our extension of the AGRI-Food Tech programme. 

It involves a lot of research and development on farming which includes, 

1) Understanding the entire plant breeding process

2) Seedling gene enhancement & editing technology to get the best seedlings for the next farming

3) Microbiome based agriculture solutions to achieve chemical & antibiotic free produces that is environmentally sustainable

4) Smart AI and IoT farming technology 

5) Low carbon & sustainable farming process for both livestocks and plant base farms

The chart below on our journey on building a sustainable Ecobuild Foods New Generation AGRI-Food Tech

The system starts with microbiome fermented feed to livestocks for them to produce chemical & antibiotic free manure. The organic manure will be further fermented to become an organic microbiome fertiliser. In turn we use these organic microbiome fertiliser on all our fruits & vegetable farming. 

This is a world first agriculture solutions that covers Human Health, Animal Health & Plant Health in a full sustainable cycle. This whole sustainable ecosystem is focusing on ESG; Environmentally Sustainable, Social Impact & Governance.

By the end of the day our aim is to Build A Better World for All.

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Building A Better World

With Our Biologics Farming Technologies,
We Will Expand On A NEW Generation Of Food Supply And Farming Projects In Singapore & Overseas.

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