Sustainable Farming & Healthy Foods

Benefits of our AGRI-Technology

1) Naturally organic


2) Fully fermented chemical and antibiotic free animal waste and agro waste


3) Balanced C/N ratio (carbon/nitrogen), complete mix of nutrients, trace elements and humic acid which highly carbon efficient and greatly reduces carbon footprint-proprietary microbiome fermentation technology


4) Nutritious and sweeter crops


5) 5-10X more phytonutrients compared to other vegetable


6) 50% higher in antioxidant & much longer shelf life 

Fruits & vegetable grown with this technology is sustainable, crunchy and tasty, and have large amount of live microbiome (probiotic-health beneficial bacteria), that greatly induce better gut health and improves immunity similar to drinking cultured milk drinks & yogurt.

Third party lab test by HSA approved lab every quarter of the year for live beneficial microbiome CFU report, nutrients report and antioxidant level test report.

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Introducing the Care Brand

We are committed to bring to our consumers Healthy, Fresh Produced and Affordable Everyday Food. This can be made possible with the Biologics Agri Tech combined with the contract farmers, we bring you the Care brand.

Under the Care brand we have the Care Farm that focus solely on vegetables and fruits farming. While the Care Foods is mainly on everyday dry groceries products.


Care Farm

Care Farm, is our pride and joy of our successful Farm Technology.

With the Biologics Agri Tech we are able to produce not only tastier and fresh products, we create sustainable environmental farming.

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Care Foods

From "Farm to Shelf" is best described about our Care Foods.

All our farm produced with the Biologics Agri Tech are then carefully process into everyday groceries products made available in all major retail chain.

Look out for our products at

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Building A Better World

With Our Biologics Farming Technologies,
We Will Expand On A NEW Generation Of Food Supply And Farming Projects In Singapore & Overseas.

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