Projected Technology Milestones

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Seedling Stage
  • Set up digital, IOT farming system & farm data collection
  • Scale up existing farms in Malaysia 
  • Creating diversity by collaborating with local fruits & vege farmers
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Planting Stage
  • Data analytics, AI & blockchain enable farming and supply chain system
  • Biologics based waste management-plant based super fertiliser, feeds & foods
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Harvesting Stage
  • Super seedings bank project, implementing C/N ratio as new currency in soil health
  • Low carbon foot-print farming solutions
  • Carbon credit trading
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  • Clinical studies
  • ESG measurement standards
  • Technology export & international joint ventures pilot project showcase and scale up revenues
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Building A Better World

With Our Biologics Farming Technologies,
We Will Expand On A NEW Generation Of Food Supply And Farming Projects In Singapore & Overseas.

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